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Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is worthwhile; questions to be answered: Is it honestly worth the candle? What are the steps I need to take to arrange a volunteering project by myself? How much will it cost me? Is it dangerous? What do I need to know? Is there an interview? Where do I get a visa? What is the best way to get there?? Will I be needed? What skills are required by me and what do the locals need? Will all my cash go to my chosen charity? What is it like for kids to travel? I hear Cambodian internet is slow, is it? Is there a lot of crime? What budget should you aim for? Can you live on $2 per day? Whats transport is best – bike bus or car? We have the answers to all your questions.

Voluntouring Popularity

Can you volunteer abroad and enjoy your location to the fullest. We think you can and whilst we believe Cambodia is the #1 destination. Any volunteering project abroad is going to change lives: yours and theirs. Start today by learning the most popular volunteering placement – teaching English abroad.

Is Volunteering Abroad a Good Idea

Is volunteering abroad a good idea and is Cambodia the ideal destination? We wholeheartedly believe so. Our primary mission is to have you visit Cambodia, either as a volunteer or an adventure holiday . If we are really persuasive, help us with our Fish Farm Charity in Battambang.

Volunteer and Travel Information

The website is jam packed with information about essential travel items, how to support us at no cost and even the secrets to booking a great hotel room. We show you how to choose a charity to ensure that all your money goes to benefit your project abroad.

Adventure Travelers

Adventure travelers will find this website just as useful as those on a GAP year or a volunteering mission. You might just have the opportunity to change lives. Cambodia is jammed full of awesome places to visit; Angkor Wat, Anlong Veng, Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear to name a few. Along the way you are going to meet truly interesting characters and see monumental Agkorian temples by the 1,000’s. Plus the nightlife in Phnom Penh and Pub Street in Siem Reap. Our Cyclebodia pages describe how to cycle through and and Cambodia.

Volunteer in Cambodia has all the answers

Maybe not all, but certainly more than you will find on any other website. Have a look at some of the following pages, check our FAQs or take 10 minutes to browse the content on our site:

  1. Volunteer in Cambodia
  2. Cambodia Tours
  3. Volunteer Jobs in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia | Blog

You will find awesome content and advice in our volunteer in Cambodia blog. Places to visit to real life road trips. You can find out how our charities are helping those less fortunate and changing lives. There is information about what we do with our donations and the money raised through our commercial enterprises which are channeled into Cambodian communities.

Do you need answers to Volunteering Abroad?

Within our fact-filled pages we are going to answer many of the  questions you have about volunteering, so that you can make a positive change to someone’s life – and your own. We will show you how it all works and where you can save money. If you want to volunteer on a shoestring you will find all the answers here. If the answer is not here – ask us- and we will find the answer for you!

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What answers do you need to volunteering Abroad?

Within or fact filled pages we are going to answer many of your questions so that you can make a change to someone's life - and your own. We will show you how it all works and where you can save money. If you want to volunteer on a shoestring you will find all the answers here. If the answer is not here - ask us- and we will find the answer for you!


  1. To bring to you all the resources you need to volunteer abroad, into one convenient and easy to use website.

  2. A platform that is free of any fees, so that all your cash is invested in you and the project you choose.

  3. To present to you insider processes and information that commercial companies would rather you did not know.

  4. Although we are aimed primarily at Cambodia: the information and roadmap we reveal to you can be used for any project abroad.

  5. To present to you scholarly works and anecdotal information to make working for an overseas charity fun and worthwhile.

What is Voluntouring Abroad?

What the devil is voluntouring abroad all about? If you have not already guessed it's a blend of charitable volunteering and amazing tourism. To gain the absolute maximum benefit for everyone involved in charitable work abroad there has to be "more" for you and that is where Siem Reap in Cambodia ticks all the boxes. There are numerous charities to suit every skill and more things to do than you can shake a stick at.

volunteering abroad for a cambodian charity

This website will provide you with all the answers you need and we will not charge you a penny. We have unrivaled experience of working and living in Cambodia; which means we can give you sensible advice on all matter of things. Our website will become your reference point for all things Khmer. From booking your flight to advice on Do's and Don'ts - some you will find quite amusing or unusual.

Although we are primarily focused on Cambodian charities the advice given within these pages stand good for many other countries. Read on...

Volunteering abroad free programs are never free

 FREE volunteer projects don't exist - they are as real as hen's teeth. Every volunteer abroad project that we have looked at, has costs; both advertised and hidden. Unbelievably, we have seen taxi journeys from Siem Reap airport to your hotel priced at $60 (we will show you how to have an airport taxi for free). There is a  charity project costing $4,000 for 3 weeks for 1 person plus the cost of your airfare - we will show you how 8 people could go for this price (flights additional). It is not for us to name these companies but they are out there.

How do we cover our costs

Any commercial company that has employees based in the UK, USA, Australia or wherever advertising volunteering abroad, needs to make a profit from you, and we do not begrudge them a small income. We cover our costs by having advertising on our site and hoping that you will donate should our hints and information save you money.You pay nothing extra by using the companies you will see on the pages of this site. WE add NOTHING to the cost of your chosen project abroad or demand a fee for using our services and information.

Registration fees and Email addresses Scam

Many volunteering abroad websites offer free advice as long as you pay a registration fee (surely that means it is not free). We suggest that you have a search about the internet - or simply follow our advice. You will not be asked asked for your email and we are not going to ask you for a fee, which means that you can use all the information about volunteering abroad without fear of being bombarded with sales material.

Do I need to use a commercial volunteer company?

It is completely up to you. However, if you want things to be done the way that you want, we believe that if you have got this far you can do it on your own! We will show you the 7 step process to organising your own amazing experience.

Why do charities charge volunteers?

You would think that volunteering abroad would be free, and you would be mistaken. Most charities will ask for a donation of $100 - $200 when you join them. No need to pay them beforehand. The reason they ask you for this donation is that very few of them have any other source of income - it is as simple as that. This fee allows the charities to pay their staff local wages and the general running costs of the charity. By the by $200 will pay an office worker for 1 month.

What will it cost you to volunteer?

Depending on your budget and length of stay you will need enough funds (from savings or charitable contributions) for the following;

  1. Air Fare - be aware of code share
  2. Accommodation - choose from 900 places to stay, from guest houses to 5 star hotels
  3. Travel Insurance - small print made BIG
  4. Project or Charity Contribution - You decide
  5. Daily Living Allowance - prince or pauper

You have to work out what you can afford to invest in this life changing journey - and it will change your attitude.

We will show and advise you where money can be saved at various stages in the planning of your trip.

Is volunteering abroad in Cambodia safe?

I have been involved in Cambodia for nearly 10 years and in Siem Reap for the last 8 years: I have never witnessed any crimes against the person. I believe volunteering abroad here to be as safe as anywhere I have ever worked.

How do I get a visa for Cambodia?

There is no need for you to apply beforehand, you will receive a Visa On Arrival at Siem Reap or Phnom Penh airports. All you need is to produce your passport with at least 6 months validity, enough pages on your passport, 1 passport sized picture (of you!) and the fee payable in USD. There are 2 types of visa you can apply for; a Tourist Visa or an E-Visa. Current cost of a Cambodian Tourist Visa is $30. This is valid for 1 month and can be easily extended. However, we would recommend an E-Visa which is also valid for 1 month but can be extended for up to 12 months should you wish to extend for a longer period. The E-Visa also allows you to apply for a work permit - which is incredibly simple and straightforward. Extensions can be arranged by your hotel or many of the specialist visa shops; however, ensure you do not overstay, it will add to any fee that becomes payable. We strongly recommend flying into Cambodia rather than taking a land route.

You can obtain a visa on arrival at a land border; however, we suggest that you fly into Cambodia unless you are a seasoned traveler. Or you are with people who know what they are doing.

What Cambodian charities need volunteers?

No matter what your skills or reasons for volunteering abroad, there is a Cambodian project or charity for you. Visit our project pages to pick the work that is most suited to your skills.

Daily living allowance?

In the movie Men In Black one of the characters said you can live on a dollar a day. Whilst many Cambodians probably do live on a dollar a day, you will need more than that. Volunteering abroad is definitely no free lunch for you. Notwithstanding the fixed costs the following is what you can expect to pay for a reasonable standard of food and drink:

  1. Breakfast --- $3 - $5
  2. Lunch or dinner --- $5 - $12
  3. Beer --- $0.50 happy hour to $1.50 per glass
  4. Bottle of wine --- $10 - $20

These prices are neither the cheapest nor the dearest. See our dining out page for recommendations.

Is Cambodia OK to go with kids under 16 years old?

You will find that the locals adore younger children. You will have no problem finding a baby sitter or taking them to some off the projects. Bringing your children will truly enhance their life skills and stand them in good stead as they grow older.

Is Cambodian OK for the over 60's?

It certainly is! As someone who is incredibly close to that age, I find the locals and tourists respectful of the "older" generation. We are treated in a way that was true of the UK a generation ago and is now sadly lacking within certain groups.

Can I go on my own?

Yes, yes and thrice yes. You are going to meet people at your project, your hotel and in the cafes and bars. It is non threatening and an absolute joy to meet fellow travelers. Share stories and experiences. You might even volunteer for an additional project. As an aside, I managed a hotel in Siem Reap and we had a guest arrive for 7 days to teach English. She stayed 2 months and had the time of her life.

Is there a language barrier?

Yes and no. When you are not in your group, you will find it easy enough to buy what you want, allowing you stress free shopping. The only time you might have a problem is with Tuk Tuk drivers understanding when you want to go somewhere. Always carry a card from your hotel - the driver will call your hotel allowing you to be taken home safely. On an outward journey the hotel will arrange a Tuk Tuk for you and by day 3 of your stay you will probably have your own favourite driver. Learn a few words Khmer. Either down load a Khmer language app or attend one of our induction mornings. At other times point at what you want.

What can I do when not at my charity or project?

This is where Cambodia and Siem reap come into their own. This is also why we are know as Voluntouring Abroad. There is the obvious place of Angkor Wat the worlds number 1 heritage site and a plethora of other things to do in Siem Reap.

Ancient sites to modern circus. War museums to amazing restaurants. Cozy bars to pumping music. Bird watching to bamboo railways. You choose.

What is the food like in Cambodia?

If you asked me that back in 1999 when I first visited Phnom Penh the answer would have been an unequivocal terrible and on the verge of disgusting. However, the standard of food has increased dramatically and you will find our personal recommendations on things do to. Some of the modern fusion cuisine is truly amazing and affordable.

Is there decent internet in Cambodia?

Internet is quite expensive for businesses to install, which I know from personal experience. As long as you are not downloading HD movies you will be fine. If you need something a bit more powerful visit a 5 star hotel or the Hard Rock Cafe. HRC has the best internet in Siem Reap - however. they also have the priciest beers (and superb service).

Do we have volunteering abroad staff in Siem Reap?

All of the volunteering abroad projects and charities have their own people which means there is always someone there to help you. For 3-6 months of the year I am in Cambodia to meet you and the rest of the time I am here in the UK promoting volunteer projects and Cambodian Charities. You can find our details on our contact page and you can email me direct from the contact section at the bottom of this page. If you add your number I will contact you personally.

Any questions about anything?

Ask us anything and I mean anything about volunteering abroad or our own charitable donations, either in the comments box below or on our contact page. We will share your question and our answer with everyone. If you want to know anything about the team you can visit about us where you will find a plethora of information.

Ask the team any questions about anything?

Ask us anything, and I mean anything, about volunteering abroad or our own charitable donations, either in the comments box below or on our contact page. We will share your question and our answer with everyone. If you want to know anything about the team you can visit about us where you will find a plethora of information. Contact us if you cannot find the answers in our FAQ page or Volunteer in Cambodia blog