20 Year Cambodian Love Affair


It was in November 1999 when i first visited Cambodia and at the same time I met my fellow conspirator Warwick.  Sadly, I am not a great picture taker; however, Warwick was and his pictures are distributed freely in our posts.

Where are we going?

In addition to attracting visitors to Cambodia we have launched a new website, new services, crowdfunding and volunteering opportunites. We have located a suitable property at Krovan Rd just off the Charles De Gaulle for our offices. This has enought space for office, coffee shop, meeting place and teaching.

How Can You Help?

All the money we have used thus far has been out of our own pockets and we need help to take Voluntouring Abroad to the next level; so that we can help more Cambodians. All you have to do is share our vision, visit Cambodia, contribute to our Crowdfunding or use our services.

A little helps a lot

Web Design

We have been working on web design for nearly 2 years to create our own websites; we have realised we can offer our skills to others. If you or a friend, charity, club or business need a website our global team can create an awesome web site. At least 80% of all fees are reinvested into Cambodia. Each project includes at least one of the core team and a Cambodian student. We are giving students an opportunity to operate and learn in a real world enviroment.

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Cambodian E-Commerce

Using enterprise level solutions we are offering to help charities in Cambodia to sell their products online in the UK. Cambodian charities can opt to have a shop on their own website or use our “co-operative” platform, which we share with charities in the UK. We manage the fulfillment of their products from our base in the UK. Currently we can only deliver in the UK; however, if there is anyone in the USA who wants to offer help – we would love to hear from you.

solving poverty in cambodia

Volunteering Projects in Cambodia

There are 100’s of opportunites for you to offer your skills and we are reaching out to charities in Cambodia to increase our data base. Currently we have Teaching Cambodian Children. When we open our office in June 2020 we will be teaching web design and ecommerce in a real world enviroment. If you or someone you know has experience of a project; let us promote the charity. We need projects that volunteers can vouch for.

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Meet & Greet in Cambodiacambodian meet and greet

In June 2020 we open our office in Siem Reap for our Cambodian Meet and Greet Service. This is open to anyone who wants to visit Cambodia – volunteers, adventure travellers, empty nesters. From basic guest houses to 5 star hotels. We bridge Western organisation with Cambodian hospitality.

How Start An Adventure

We believe that any visit to Cambodia helps locals if you create the adventure yourself. Booking a hotel room or flight through this website means that the comission goes into local charites. Using our meet and greet puts cash into the hands of locals and hepls our fish farmimg charity in Battambang.

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