7 Step Process

How to Volunteer Abroad Cheaply

The purpose of this entire website is to allow you to volunteer abroad cheaply. Our focus is to attract as many volunteers to Cambodian charities; however, our simple steps work anywhere. We show you how to volunteer abroad cheaply and gain as much value for your money, and that the Khmer charities you support receive as much of your spending power and skills as humanly possible. Where possible, we want every penny that you spend to go into a better future for Cambodians, allowing you to enjoy yourself and for commercial corporations to look at how they can better contribute to charities and projects abroad.

volunteering abroad in cambodia. How to volunteer abroad cheaply
Every journey starts with a first step

We will show you how to volunteer abroad cheaply. Our 7 step process works for most charities and projects abroad. You can do it on your own or in a group to make sure you get the best value for your money. Which means that the charity will also benefit in your extra funds, allowing them to invest in further good works.

Start your volunteering adventure through the internet

Most, if not everyone reading this, can use the internet and has a little bit of the traveler about them. So, read the 7 steps to launch a successful mission. Your volunteer project is only a CLICK AWAY, SO START TODAY. As with anything to do with steps, take them one at a time and in order. There are reasons for this. It will all make sense as you research your adventure in Asia.

The 7 Steps

  1. Book a flight to Cambodia
  2. Arrange your accommodation in Siem Reap
  3. Travel insurance for Volunteers
  4. Choose a Cambodian Charity
  5. Cambodian Bucket List
  6. Prepare for Cambodia
  7. Arrival in Cambodia