Arrival in Cambodia

After months (possibly years) of saving and planning – its is upon you. Your arrival in Cambodia is imminent. Your at the exit of the plane and ready to enter an exotic world of charm and excitment.

You Have arrived in Cambodia!

You have arrived in the Kingdom of Cambodia; the plane has landed and your Cambodian adventure is a reality. Now is the time to put what you have read into practice.

welcome to cambodia

Usually, your Cambodian charity will arrange for a pick-up. Or it could be us on our meet and greet service.

Siem Reap Airport

If you are unaccustomed to smaller international airports, the Siem Reap airport will make you smile. It is all very realxed. If you do not have a visa you will have to wait in the queue – not long. You present the official with your landing card, passport, picture and cash. Your application will then filter down a row of tables and you are presented with you Cambodian “visa on arrival”.

Immigration is about 10 metres behind you. Present passport and visa, give electronic finger prints and your arrival in Cambodia is complete.

Your baggage is anther 10 metres away and is usually very timely.  Head  through customs with a smile. Your pick up will be outside. It is never too busy so just relax. It is advisable unless your an experiebced traveler in Cambodia to orbagine an airport pickup. Either your hotel or voluntouring abroad can arrange transport to Siem Reap city.

Arrival in Cambodia | First Things First

The very first thing to do after your arrival in Cambodia is to locate your hotel. Go straight there and nowhere else. If you have taken our advice, use a car parking app at the entrance to the hotel, once checked in. This means you will never be lost – assuming you have got internet. Users of our meet and greet service will be given sim cards with internet.

Siem Reap Walkabout

You should do this in any new destination you arrive at. Step outside your hotel and keep taking the first right (or left) until your back at the hotel. This works 90% of the time. Become familiar with the area. Then you can do the same with the 2nd right or left.

Always carry 2 hotel cards – 1 in your pocket and 1 in your wallet or purse. This will mean that a tuk tuk driver will be able to return you to your hotel. Simple but effective.

Food In Cambodia

Dive into some local food! The rule of thumb is – that if a place is busy the food is good. If you are in Siem reap and on a budget – then try the local food stalls on the river. If you have money to throw away, head to Hard Rock Cafe!

great food in siem reap, cambodian cuisine