Cambodian Charities

What Cambodian Charity to choose?

Much of the information here will allow you to choose the best charity to volunteer for; be it a Cambodian charity or elsewhere in the world. The questions and answers are in no particular order so you will have to read them all! You will find a contact section at the bottom for further information or to suggest a charity in Cambodia.


Teaching english to cambodian children
Teaching English to Khmer children

Our list of Cambodian charities and welfare programs are by no means exhaustive. Here are our top 10.

  1. Teaching English to Cambodian children
  2. HIV programs in Cambodia
  3. Fish farming in Battambang
  4. Conservation volunteers
  5. Medical volunteer abroad
  6. Social work and empowering women in Cambodia
  7. Construction projects abroad
  8. Children’s charities
  9. Sports charities
  10. Teaching computer skills

Some points to consider before Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering is a big decision; working for a charity abroad is not for everyone. You also have to consider how much time you want to volunteer for. Some charities look for at least a three-month commitment and often they expect more; some require less. You need to decide how much time you are prepared to invest in a charity, and you may find that after the initial commitment you want to stay longer, or leave. That is why we include tourism in our advice. If it does not work out for you or your Cambodian charity, you can part with a friendly handshake and enjoy a holiday.

There is additional information on our page about how to choose a charity. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to get it right. Notwithstanding our recommendations and advice, if it does go wrong, we have people in Cambodia who can help you.

  1. Do my skills match what the charity needs?

    1. You should be there to teach someone a skill you have and not to acquire one. Some are obvious. If you are a native, or a strong non-native, English speaker and have a fair level of education, you will be able to teach English. However, if you are unfit, there is no point in becoming involved in construction unless CAD and building drawings are your thing.
  2. Can I invest enough time to make a positive difference?

    1. A few days is not going to make a difference to anyone. To give yourself time to acclimatise, settle into your accommodation and meet fellow volunteers. You should be looking at three weeks plus.
  3. Am I passionate about helping a Cambodian charity or any good cause?

    1. If you think it is going to be a jolly outing and basically a holiday; think again. YOU are going to change someone’s life and that is something you should think carefully about. However, do not over think the situation and end up with paralysis by analysis. Make the decision, book your flight and find a hotel. Everything else will fall into place. You will always find help here.
  4. How will I benefit from volunteering?

    1. Some will think that this is a devious and conceited question. However, for a successful project abroad all parties must benefit the charity, the people benefiting from your input and YOU. There has to be a quid pro quo. From a potential cynical point of view, it looks great on your CV and volunteering will make you feel good about the world.
  5. Does the charity have a good reputation?

    1. You will have to do some research. All too often charity projects abroad are a scam for someone earning a few bucks. We at Voluntouring Abroad receive no commission from any of the charities that you will find on this website. In addition, if we believe that a Cambodian charity is not doing what it says it should be doing, we will remove it from out site immediately. We care as much about our independence as you do about the value of your charitable contributions
  6. How do I contact the charity?

    1. Nothing could be easier for you. At the bottom of each of our charity pages is a contact form. This email goes direct to the charity and not to some sales person in a call centre. We ensure that the email is being directed to someone who understands English and can answer your questions.
  7. Should I give a donation before I arrive?

    1. The short answer is no. By all means ask the charity what they expect as a donation; however, give it to the charity in cash when you arrive in Cambodia. This same advice goes for any volunteer organisation in any country unless you simply want to make a donation.
  8. What if I simply want to give a donation?

    1. I am sure you can agree to send a donation. We have our own personal charity that we support. Fish farming in Battambang and you will find a donate button in the footer of most pages. Feel free to donate.
  9. Will I need a work permit?

    1. Unlike many other countries Cambodia welcomes volunteers with open arms. Even if you require a work permit to volunteer (which I am sure you do not) a work permit can be had for $100 or so with one signature and a photo. Which is a lot easier and cheaper than a Khmer being able to work in a developed country!

Contact us to share information or ask us a question.

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We have now covered:

  1. Booking a flight to Cambodia
  2. Great accommodation in Siem Reap
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Cambodian charity

We can move onto making a bucket list so that you get the most out of your volunteering.