The AIDS and HIV crisis is not over in Asia. There is still a lot to be done in prevention, health care and availability of ARV’s

aids and hiv in cambodia

Critical AIDS and HIV Projects

AIDS and HIV treatment is mainly palliative and requires much work and cash in Cambodia. Sadly ignorance and a lack of contraception  means that it is still  on the rise. This could be because of more testing – or unprotetcted sex.

aids and hiv in cambodia

Online Travel Agencies

We think that it is worth mentioning that OTA’s remain fairly silent on this. Considering the amount of cash they extract out of Cambodia you would think they could do something more proactive with Health Care. If you book your accomodation or flight through an OTA you might ask them how mich they contribute.

aids and hiv in cambodia

If you book flights or accomodation through our website we recieve a commission from the OTA’s. We keep all our earnings in Cambodia. A significant portion of our profits are ploughed back into charites including our own. Our charity focuses on Fish Farming in Battambang rather than AIDS and HIV. However, we as a company will be contributing to charities dealing with this horrendous disease.

AIDS and HIV Medication

If you take medication, make sure you bring enough with you. 1 set in hand luggage and 1 in hold luggage. You are not going to find AIDS and HIV medication very easily – might have to go to Thailand. To be ultra careful, maybe a 3rd set with a friend.

aids and hiv medication in cambodia