Arts and Music

Often when people think of charity work and volunteering they forget the arts and music. Cambodia is superbly rich in both and it is worth investing some time enjoying the Khmer culture. Volunteers can help locals in many ways to archive or pass on their skills and history to future generations.

Arts and Music Charities

Even though Khmer arts and music are steeped in history, there is still a requirement for modern to meet ancient. From Aspara dancing to modern rap music, Cambodia spans centuries.


The Khmer Cultural Development Institute cares for disadvantaged children. A eupahmism for kids who dearly need help and support.

There are so many ways that you can help these kids. From a simple donation of cash or precious time.

Teaching Music in Cambodia

We believe that music is a part of the  fundemental fabric of life. Our office will host regular sessions for children and adults to learn musical instruments. If you have a spare one, bring it with you. Teach and leave! You will be long rememberd after you have left. Music leaves an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of those you touch.

The Arts in Cambodia

What do we mean by the Arts? From a childs stick drawing to muse and images. Nothing more will inpsire others than for you to come and understand and spread Khmer culture. From ancint Khmer to modern fusion art – you can add something. Your talents and recogniton of Cambodian talent will be appreciated

Perhaps you can artists become better know through your blog, website or marketing channel? You will have contacts and networhs many Cambodians can only dream of. You are able to create income for artists so that they can expand their skills and take care of their families.

Cambodian Art

When talking about the arts and music we must actually forget Cambodian art. If you are an artists you should be here to help young and old alike understand painting and drawing. Should we have enough artists volunteer we will create an open studio in our offices in Siem Reap. We will need YOU to bring some equipment and consumables.

contemporary cambodian art
contemporary cambodian art

What do do next?

Prepare for a visit to Cambodia! Cambodian arts and music want you.