Cambodian Health Charities

Cambodia needs some assistance with its health challenges. If you are any type of health professional you will be welcomed. If you are considering work for a charity abroad – consider health care.

Cambodian Health Charities

We mean YOU. Cambodian health charities are screaming out for professionals.

It is fair to say that if you have wealth in Cambodia, you can have health. However, for a large chunk of the population they depend on health charities. I have visited hospitals and clinics at both ends of the spectrum. There is something special about medical volunteers, like yourself, who want to delve into health and medical issues in countries where there is a diverse offering of facilities. You will be working with Cambodian health and medical charities with limited resources. You are going to have to get into the nitty gritty of Cambodian rural culture. Cambodian health charities, organisations and hospitals are desperately in need of your expertise and experience. Contact us today

What fields of medicine are required?

All fields of medicine are required within Cambodian health charities; however, special mention should be made of;

Midwifery and Childbirth

Midwifery and Child Birth In Cambodia - Cambodian Health Charities
Midwifery and Child Birth In Cambodia

Eyesight Specialists

Eyesight Testing in Cambodia - Cambodian Health Charities
Eyesight Testing

Communicable disease screening

Medical Screening in Rural Battambang, Cambodia - Cambodian Health Charities
Medical Screening in Rural Battambang

Prevention and check ups

Preventative medical care in Cambodia - Cambodian Health Charities
Preventative medical care in Cambodia


Cambodian Health Charities
Dentistry in Rural communities

Travel insurance for volunteers

This is probably an issue you did not expect to see. Many insurers are not keen on medical and health volunteers working on charitable projects abroad. The insurers might refuse to offer travel insurance or add a premium. They obviously perceive this particular type of charitable work as dangerous and worthy of additional premiums.

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We can put you in touch with a charity that needs your skills. This will change their lives and yours.