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Grace House Community Centre (GHCC) has enjoyed a fruitful year with many successes. As always, each year also brings a fair share of challenges. Student numbers across both the Basic Education and Children with Disabilities programs have remained consistent, highlighting the positive impact and ongoing need for these programs. New initiatives include a crèche for staff children, the employment of a new Volunteer Coordinator and the further development of the Old Persons Association.

Grace House Community Centre | Donors

Since the inception of GHCC in 2008, the economic and social situation in Cambodia has improved, but there are still many people living in poverty whose basic needs are not fulfilled. Whilst the need remains, GHCC will continue to work alongside children, families and communities to support and empower them to reach their full potential. In doing this, GHCC relies on the support, commitment, generosity and compassion of an array of foundations, sponsors and individuals who combine to create an international GHCC community. From the large grant sponsors, such as Tesco F&F Funding Futures, to the young boy who grew and sold a few plants at a local market stall, and everyone in between, GHCC extends its appreciation and gratitude to each of you.
Cambodia's leading children's centre for learning English and teaching children with disabilites

Grace House Community Centre Programs

Basic Education

GHCC was initially established as an English Education program in 2008 to support children from the three surrounding villages of Kor Krahn, Spean Cheav and Treak. During the past few years, the state school system has improved and is making higher demands of students. However, it remains overloaded and under-resourced and students can still only attend half day tuition six days per week
Education programs offered by NGOs are essential in providing students with a holistic and adequate education to prepare them for further education, meaningful employment and young adulthood. The school year in Cambodia runs from November to October. In 2017, between January and October, 307 students attended GHCC’s Basic Education program, of which 206 were full time with an average daily attendance of 79.5%. The Head Teacher and Grace House Community Centre social workers collaborate to monitor students’ attendance and identify needs that can be supported to enable the children to remain in both state school and GHCC education.

Who attends our Education Programs

At the beginning of the new school year in November 2017, GHCC had 187 full-time students enrolled and 67 part-time students, with applications for more being received and followed up by the social workers. By the end of December, the number had increased to 200 full time and 79 part-time students. The relative consistency in numbers of students attending GHCC attests to the need and continuing importance of this education program. Gender representation remains fairly balanced, with 52% male and 48% female.

Further Education

GHCC offers full and partial scholarships to students for further education after year 12. In 2017, there were 10 GHCC students who completed year 12 of whom seven passed. Through previously under-spent funds, GHCC has offered 50% scholarships to these first-year students, to cover the cost of fees for the duration of their studies, results dependent.
There is never enough income to support the good that we could do in addition to what we achieve at Grace House Community Centre. New funding streams will need to be sought for Further Education scholarships for 2018 and beyond. Please use the contact form below for ways in which YOU can help our amazing Children’s Charity.

Grace House Community Centre Scholarships

Eight students who were recipients of GHCC scholarships graduated from university after completing Bachelor degrees in various fields: English Literature, Banking and Finance, Accounting,  Marketing, Law, Hospitality and Tourism. We are very proud of our own teachers: Sreypech completing her Law degree and Punleu completing her English Literature degree.

Children with Disabilities Day Program

The Grace House Community Centre Disability Day program continues to play a vital role in the community and remains the only educational program in Siem Reap province for children with disabilities. Students engage in a structured curriculum day program, including basic education, physiotherapy, speech therapy, art, sport, cooking, life skills and excursions. Through a host of donations, this year saw the completion of the refurbishment of two more classrooms purposely designed for children with disabilities, to allow the separation of students into three groups based on ability and developmental needs.
The classes are called Parrot, Goat and Horse, keeping in sync with all GHCC classes being named after animals. Horse class is the designated teenage class for students aged over 12 years old and cooking and independent living skills are an integral part of their curriculum.
Horse and Goat classes continue to visit the local café every week for social interaction. They are joined by Parrot class for monthly outings to the local swimming pool and visits to the pagoda for significant cultural celebrations, such as Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben. It is vitally important that our children learn about and are included in such auspicious occasions.
There were 21 students enrolled in the program in 2017/2018.

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