Computer Skills

Many volunteers are focussed on teaching English: however, computer skills are often forgotten. Everyone can teach someone, something.

Basic Computer Skills

For many Cambodians, especially the young, its not a case of training, its getting time on a computer. Youngsters will spend hours learning “stuff” if they have time on a computer. Older Khmers are no different than the way nrthern hemisphere aduts were years ago. They have to have a purpose for using computers.  Volunteers of any age can enjoy teaching these skills. Cambodians need training to help with basic skills such as:

  1. Google searching
  2. YouTube seaches
  3. VOIP – how they connect with friends and family

Almost anyone who volunteers can help Khmers learn these basic computer skills. It just needs time, patience and understanding.

computer skills in cambodia

Intermediate Skills

By this we dont mean data mining, pivot tables or boolean searches. We are talking about what  is considered daily use in the West:

  1. Word
  2. Excel

Most volunteers or any age should be able to help at this level. Again, it is about understanding why a Cambodian would want to know. What is needed is never forgotten. They may need some English skills, therfore; you could find yourself teaching 2 sujects or more

Advanced Computer Skills

Volunteer teachers at this level are going to have some academic qualifications – which they can prove. You are going to be teaching in higher education and the longer you stay the better. Unless it is a very specific course that can be covered intensley over a week or so, be prepared for a month or so of study.

Websites, Marketing and Global Trading

Although Khmers are hugley talented in graphics and art, their computer skills need honed.

They require training in pushing their websites to rank globally. They understand technical issues; however, their marketing are another another issue. Training Cambodians on website design not only covers how a website is built and ranked, but the fulfilment of online sales.

  1. Basic web design
  2. keyword research
  3. SEO
  4. Free software
  5. Marketing
  6. Fulfillment

YOU can do this!

welcome to cambodia