Conservation in Cambodia

How can you help conservation in Cambodia? Choose your favourite topic and get yourself over here.

Conservation in Cambodia

When you live at a subsistence level, you tend to eat everything that grows in the ground, roams on it or flies above it. There is a big demand for conservation programs to preserve what Cambodia has and restore what it had. These conservation projects range from replenishing and protecting forests, protecting wildlife, Mekong river initiatives, and Ton Le Sap fish stocks. There are many conservation projects to choose from. This is but a mere hint at what is available.

conservation in cambodia elephant
Don’t Turn Your Back On Elephants

Elephant Conservation In Cambodia

One of the best projects for elephant conservation in Cambodia is the elephant valley project. This is based in Mondulkiri. There is not much to say; visit the website and start your volunteering!

Banteng in Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri is quite a popular spot for conservationists. Banteng can be domesticated or wild and weigh up to 900 kilograms. If you fancy getting close to these, head to Cambodia. 

conservation in cambodia, banteng in mondulkiri

What Do You Get Out Of Conservation?

A sense of doing good? Creating a safe enviroment for animlas and birds? The sheer joy of working with animals or the land? Discovering new flora and fauna?

You must do proper research into what project you want to become involved with. If it is merely manual labour with a large donation – tread carefully. Cambodians are quite capable of digging a hole or feeding animals.

Consider coming to Cambodia for a volunteering “holiday”. You can then take in a few trips to sanctuaries and conservation areas. We have a meet and greet service that can accomodate this. Contact us for more information.

Fish Farming In Battambang

This is our own charity and is due to be launched soon. Well as soon as we have the cash to do so. Not sure if you would call it conservation or just making best use of the land for subsitence farmers. You will be most welcome if you have any knowledge on the subject of fish farming. No donation asked for.