Empowering Women

Empowering Women in Cambodia

For all the hyperbole about the lot of Cambodian women, the fact is that they are still regarded as second-class citizens in their society, so empowering women has become an important issue. There is a paradox in Cambodian society, as women do all the heavy lifting in Cambodia and have done so for centuries. In Angkorian times, the women ran businesses, as they do today. The women run households and are an important part of creating a sense of order in the society. However, their contribution to society is rarely acknowledged. So, empowering women in Cambodia is an important part of the country’s development.

What many charities, who tackle this issue do, is empower women by providing the necessary skills to be independent. Organisations such as Empowering Women in Cambodia provide marginalized women with new skills, an income and the opportunity for personal development in a safe and friendly environment. If you want to volunteer with and organisation that believes in empowering women in Cambodia, this project gives you the unique opportunity to work alongside some truly inspirational Cambodian women.

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