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Book a direct flight to Cambodia – Today

The essential first step is to book a flight to Cambodia. It is far easier to organise everything else than to get the flight to Cambodia that suits you. There are limited flights into Siem Reap; however, there are nearly 900 lodging places and the charities are not going anywhere. Turning up late or early for a project is not going to be a great hassle. So get the best flight deal to Cambodia and book now: TODAY!

flight to cambodia

Code share Flights to Cambodia

The next bit of advice is from painful experience so that you do not have the same nightmare. Book a flight to Cambodia that has a code share. Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are not Asian hubs, so you are going to have to fly into Cambodia from somewhere else (i.e.: not direct from UK or USA or Oz). You really, really want to remain air side (in transit) for your connecting flight, which means your baggage being automatically forwarded through to Cambodia. This will save you a lot of heartache and expense. A 4-8 hour stop is going to cost you; so you are better off investing a little bit more in a direct flight.

If you do not have a code share flight  you will have to exit through immigration, pick up your baggage and clear customs and then check in again for your onward journey. If you hub is Thailand this means going through Thai immigration which could mean a long and boring wait for you.

Flight consolidators to book a flight

Generally, flight consolidators and agencies will allow 7+ hours for the tedious task of exiting and reentering airside. If you miss your onward journey because of immigration or customs clearance you will have to purchase a new ticket, which is at your expense. Not only do you have the hassle of going through immigration, you will have to explain to immigration that you intend to exit the country – something they might not believe! You have to ensure that you have nothing in your luggage that a transit country does not approve of. In Thailand this could mean up to 10 years in prison for a nicotine vape! Honest.


flight to cambodia

Code share Flights to Cambodia

Cheaper does not necessarily mean better on this occasion. Fork out a few quid more if needed to ensure a straightforward journey.

Thai Airways, Eva Air, British Airways and Qantas.

One of the major benefits of choosing Cambodia is that the taxi journey from the airport to any hotel is less than 15 minutes as the airport is a mere 7km on flat and quiet roads into Siem Reap.

Immigration and customs at the airport are quick and friendly.

Land Crossing into Cambodia

Some might consider a land crossing; however unless you are doing a world tour I would give your arrival into Cambodia this way a miss. You can always do it on the way out when you are a bit more travel savvy.

Now that you have booked your flight to Cambodia – you have booked? Move onto booking accommodation in Siem reap

Essential Travel Items

Between now and  a few weeks before flying you should get your essential travel items together. Start buying now so not to be caught short before you fly. There are essential items you might want to make sure will be comfortable; shoes etc. The added bonus is every time you buy from here we receive a commission that goes to help maintain this website and our fish farm project in Battambang. This allows us to expand the voluntouring platform without charging Cambodian charities any fees.