Prepare For Cambodia

The last thing you want to do is arrive and act like a newbie. Take a few minutes out of your day to prepare for Cambodia. Its worth the candle.

Time to prepare for Cambodia

Traveling in Cambodia is an adventure by all measures of the word. Every day throws up the “great adventure”. As any traveler will tell you, a plan means that you will be well prepared for anything your adventure will throw at you. Being prepared means that you will look forward to the “unexpected” and take it in your stride. Everything you will read in the following, I have learned from experience in Cambodia. We suggest that you prepare for Cambodia well in advance which means that you are going to impress fellow volunteers and the locals.

Things to do in Cambodia

At the very least when you prepare for Cambodia you should check out some of the history of the places you will visit. Among the must visit on your bucket list are:

  1. Angkor Wat
  2. Ta Mok’s Lake
  3. Cardamom Mountains
  4. Mondulkiri
  5. Pub Street

Cambodia: the language

  • Numbers: Mooay (1), Bpee (2), Bay (3), Boun (4), Bpram (5), Bram moo ay (6), Bpram bpee (7), Bpram bay (8), Bpram buon (9), Dahp (10)
  • Yes – Baat (men)/ Chaas (Women)
  • No – Dteh
  • Hello – Jum-reap soo-a
  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night – Arun/tiveah/sayoanh/reah-trey sour sdei
  • How are you? – Tau neak sok sapbaiy jea teh?
  • Goodbye! – Joom-reap leah
  • Please – Suom mehta
  • Thank you – Or-koon
  • Sorry/excuse me – Sohm dtoh
  • Where is the restroom? – Bang-kon noun aina?
  • I need a doctor – K`nyom trouv krouh peit
  • I’m lost – K’nyom vung vehng plouv
  • Never mind – Meun ai teh
  • I would like ___ – Khnyom sohm___
  • Not too spicy please – Sohm kohm toe hal pek
  • This is delicious – A nih ch’ngun nah
  • The check, please – Sohm ket luy
  • How much does this cost? – T’lay pohnmaan?
  • That’s expensive! – T’lay!
  • Can you give me a discount please? – Som jous thlai bahn teh?
  • How do you say ___ in Khmer? – ___ khmer tha mat?
  • Where is the ___? – Noev eah nah___?
  • Have a nice day! – Mien tingay la-aw!
  • Cheers! – Leuk dach!

welcome to cambodia