Angkor Wat Essential Information

Angkor Wat

There is nowhere on our earthly domain quite like Angkor Wat. The largest and the best-preserved monuments at Angkor, it is the largest devotional structure in the world. It is hardly surprising given that its name means “temple that is a city”. The temple is an awe-inspiring example of man’s devotion to his beliefs.

Relish your first approach, in that amazing moment when you enter the inner causeway, It will be a true WOW experience – never to be forgotten.

My Experience of Angkor Wat

If the temples at Angkor are not on your bucket list; write a new list. I have to admit I was sort of dragged along to Angkor Wat, as visiting temples is not my thing. How wrong could I be. At every corner you are presented with unique temples and stunning views. You should consider a three-day pass as a minimum, as a one-day pass is most certainly too short to receive the full benefit of this truly spectacular achievement of Khmer culture. Do not try to do it all in the one day.

There are a multitude of temples for you to see in the Angkor Wat complex and here we will cover the main ones. Otherwise, this will turn into a 50,000-word article.

When to Visit The Temples

So that you can gain the most from sunset and sunrise at Angkor Wat and gain the most from these daily spectacles, you would be best to view them on separate days. Nor should you visit the Angkor complex in an air-conditioned vehicle, be it a car or a bus. Every time you exit the vehicle you are going to feel very uncomfortable and sweaty. Arrive in a local tuk tuk with a guide – this allows you to become accustomed to the heat and humidity, whilst the guide will be able to avoid the most congested areas.

Code of Conduct at Angkor Wat

Unlike many tourist destinations in the world that allow a free for all. The temples at Angkor demand and deserve respect. Take time to read below so that all visitors can have an exceptional experience. Visit the official code of conduct website for Angkor Wat.

angkor wat demands and deserves respect. Read the 7 point code of conduct

National Geographic Video

The following video from National Geographic is lengthy; however, it will prepare you for a wonderful experience.

Read All About Angkor Wat

We believe this to be one of the best books you can buy regarding Angkor Wat. We suggest you invest in a copy before you arrive. I would recommend you buy the physical paper book as well as any Kindle or tablet version.

All Templed Out?

If you have seen enough of the Angkor Complex for the day and need some refreshment then head for Pub Street. You will find food, drinks and entertainment. Or if you are looking for something different you should visit our Events page for up to date information on what is happening in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Battambang and beyond.

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