English Teacher in Cambodia – An Ultimate Guide For Volunteer 2019



There are numerous opportunities for you whilst volunteering abroad; being an English Teacher in Cambodia is the most popular and fulfilling experience, you can choose. Literally tens of hundreds of people volunteering to help year after year in Cambodia. There is always a high demand for qualified English teachers in Cambodia and teacher assistants.

Volunteering to teach English to the people in Cambodia is a great way to help them in their quest to having a better education, understanding tourists, and overall have better opportunities in life. Cambodians have an insatiable hunger to learn English. You will find that Khmer people of all ages will be attentive and grateful. Often being invited to their homes to share what little they have. By the by always take a small gift for the family.

 What is like being an English Teacher in Cambodia.

Deciding to be a volunteer English teacher is already one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. However, deciding to volunteer as an English teacher in Cambodia, will change your life forever. And for the better.

As a volunteer, most of the charities you will work with won’t require much of you, since it is already enough that you are willing to help them out. However, when it comes to teaching English, there are some requirements you will have to pass, but we will get to that later on.

Teaching volunteering programs are usually way longer than others, since you will have to teach English for a certain amount of time. Be prepared to stay for a full on term or semester, in which you will be asked to create and follow through with the teaching sessions.

We know that being a volunteer English teacher in Cambodia often leads to a paid full-time job if that is your goal. English teaching can be well paid consider the cost of living.

Things to consider before applying.

We have no doubt you will love your experience teaching English in Cambodia, however, before you decide to apply for a volunteer job, take the following points into consideration:

  • English level.
    Of course, in order to teach English, you must understand the language. Being a native speaker certainly helps but is not mandatory.
  • Some charities will ask for someone with at least some teaching understanding. This means that you must understand conversational English at a proficient level.
  • However, other charities will require you to have any kind of qualification that can prove you do know English. If you ever took the IELTS, CELTA or TOEFL tests, those will do just fine. You can sometimes start off as a teachers assistant.
  • Teaching English in Cambodia, is a long term commitment. You will have to stay either for a full term or a whole semester.
    If you are ready to take this commitment for at least 3-6 months, then you should definitely apply, because it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.
  • Job requirements.
    Choosing teaching English in Cambodia, means teaching English to people from all ages. You might end up teaching English to kids, to young adults, or even in temples, it will all depend on the volunteer program you choose, of course.
    Previous teaching experience is incredibly valuable, although it isn’t essential, it is considered a plus if you have taught English before. You might want to try out at a school or college near you first.
    You will be required to teach different modalities of English, meaning conversational, business or technical English. Know your subject

Being selected to teach English in Cambodia.

Congratulations! You have decided to take on this amazing adventure and change the world for the better, now it is time to talk about what you will be expecting during the upcoming weeks of your volunteer job.

Firstly, you should know things can vary depending on the charity you are working with. Many charities will try and house you and feed you daily. The fact that they are charities and they need people like you teaching English in Cambodia, they tend to be short of money. Be prepared to donate cash or use our meet and greet service.

To summaries, this is what you should keep in mind when volunteering teaching English in Cambodia,:

  • At a minimum you need a TEFL. Acquiring a CELTA would benefit both you and your audience even better
  • Schools and temples prefer someone who can teach for an entire semester or term
  • Be prepared for a class of all ages and skills


Volunteering abroad takes organisation such as: obtaining international travel insurance that covers up your stay in the country. Planning how you will be getting into the country (how many flights you’ll have to take, ticket prices, etc), and last, but not least, accommodation.

Teaching English in Cambodia, is a full time volunteer job and not just a few hours here and there. You will be contributing to better the educational environment in a very special community in Cambodia. Being immersed in new experiences and exploring the history and culture of the Khmer people.

Volunteer Opportunities For Teachers In Cambodia

There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities for teachers in Cambodia and further afield. Here are 2 personal stories.

Warwick (our media director) decided he wanted to make a positive impact in Cambodia. To ensure he would make the best if volunteer opportunities for teachers he decided to study for a qualification. He opted for a CELTA. Although a CELTA id not mandatory any qualification will help ensure that you are able to pass on your skills.

When he arrived in Phnom Penh, he was amazed at the volunteer opportunities for teachers that he was able to find. Not only has he committed to some volunteer English teaching he also has paid work.

Although teaching English abroad is in high demand; volunteer opportunities for teachers are in every field form nursing to computer sciences and agriculture to software design and graphic design

Secondly there is the story of a Australian English teacher who taught in China who came to the hotel I managed for a holiday.

Maureen wasn’t exactly looking for volunteer opportunities for teaching. However, one day whilst out for a walk she popped into a temple next to the hotel. She joined their English teaching class for the day.

The result was she ended up volunteering her English teaching skills for 6 weeks!

Not only did she simply stumble upon this volunteer opportunity for teaching she was able to take in the culture of Angkor wat and the hidden gems of Cambodia.

Teaching English abroad programs

Many potential volunteers struggle to find teaching English abroad programs online. Volunteers end up using one of the professional placement companies. These volunteering organizations must charge fees so that they can make the public aware of local needs.

This is one of the reasons that Volunteering Abroad exists as we want to help local charities reach out to a global audience. Using our skills and networks we aim to promote teaching English abroad programs for free to the millions of people who would like to teach English abroad.

We do not charge charities any fees to promote their requirements. Nor do we charge volunteers to register on our website. If you want to volunteer abroad and are looking for teaching English abroad programs join our newsletter for monthly updates.

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