Essential Travel Items


What do you take abroad with you? What is essential or merely useful? We have put together what we believe to be the most inclusive and comprehensive essential travel items list that is available on the web today. We gathered these ideas for essential travel items from personal experience and that of our followers and members. Some are unusual, others are items that you must have in your case, some are inexpensive whilst others are top of the range.

Essential Travel Items

There are meant to be 99 essential travel items; however, we add and take away constantly. Obviously it would be impractical to take everything here and you might be pondering the cost. If you are volunteering abroad and using our advice you will be saving at least £300/$400 to £900/$1,200 . That is the minimum an agency would cost you. There is also the saving on clothing that most travelers insist on buying before they go on a trip – DON’T – invest in something truly useful.

Every item you purchase using our website means that we can continue operating this platform for free and contributing to our upkeep and to our Fish Farm Project. In addition to buying from us and helping our charity, Amazon will also offer to contribute to a charity of your choosing. Everyone benefits from buying via our platform. It is win/win/win for everyone.

Essential Travel Items | Most Valuable

From personal experience and horror stories this is awarded to the GPS locator. Occasionally, hired motorbikes and cars are stolen. Miraculously the thieves have keys to the vehicles. Reporting a vehicle stolen and the time spent with the rental company is easily 3 – 4 days plus all the hassle and stress. The insurance cover will never cover the loss. You lose your deposit and maybe a lot more ( we had one contributor lose £3,000 to get his passport returned). Hide a GPS locator in your hired vehicle and tell no-one. IF the vehicle goes missing find someone trustworthy to help you. This might not be the rental company or the police. Hotel staff, volunteer police etc.

Essential Travel Items | Most Unusual

Just has to be travel underwear. From special underwear for the flight to disposable briefs to keep you fresh. Who would have thought about this?

Essential Travel Items | Most Useful

Probably all of the essential items that we recommend, the ones that revolve around solar power and hand powered electrical equipment will prove indispensable. Wind up radios to manual mobile phone chargers, solar fans to solar mobile iPad chargers . They are also great gifts to leave behind when you return home.

Essential Travel Items | Most Awesome

All of the essential items the camera equipment available now is amazing; Dji Drone, underwater camera and GoPro. These are truly awesome pieces of kit. Share the cost. Your blogs or Face Book will be awesome. Images and video will be amazing to show to friends rather than holiday snaps on your smart phone.

Essential Travel Items | Most Disgusting

Without doubt this goes to the UV Light to test if your bed and linen has unseen stains. Many hotels, guesthouses and hostels do not launder linen properly. The UV torch is the only way to tell for sure that your bed linen is truly clean. A UV light goes hand in hand with  groundsheets and bug sprays that we recommend.

When To Buy

We suggest that you start to buy your essential items TODAY to spread the cost and gain benefit from the items immediately. Hopefully you have booked your flight and accommodation through our links and are looking to support a charity abroad or simply go on an adventure of a lifetime. By using our links we are able to support our fish farming charity in Battambang which aims to provide fish for personal consumption and commercial activities for struggling farmers in Cambodia.