Siem Reap Market


Do not be mistaken in thinking that there is only one Siem Reap market. There are several markets and they all have various products; from white goods to food, from clothing to tourist souvenirs.

Siem Reap Market

When people talk about Siem Reap Market, they are often referring to the Old Market in the centre of town. However, Siem Reap is huge and has all manner of markets. Including what many of us would consider supermarkets.

In the open air markets, it is quite acceptable (and probably expected) to bargain. It’s always handy to have a guide or a tuk tuk driver with you. They know the prices. Market stall holders might expect tourists to spend a little extra – keep smiling.

However, these markets are not supplied or stocked as nicely as the markets in Phnom Penh. Notwithstanding this, a day at the markets is great fun.

Notwithstanding their Khmer names some of the markets are called. Most are all within strolling distance of the center of town. Most are open late as it is a bit cooler.

  1. Made in Cambodia Market
  2. Old School Market – not near school. It sells school clothes
  3. Siem Reap River Market – near the river!
  4. Siem Reap Art Center Night Market – open at night

Old Market Siem Reap

The old market is situated bang in the middle of Siem Reap – there is no missing it and you shouldn’t miss it. This is the quintessential Siem Reap Market. Many visitors to the city walk around it and rarely venture inside. Be adventurous and take a walk through this mini labyrinth.

During the day the market sells awesome fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meats. If you are cooking for yourself then it is definitely worth a visit. At night it is surrounded by mini bus cocktail venues.

Night Market

There are 2 markets that refer themselves as the nigh market Siem Reap. One is on the far side of the river and sells tourist souvenirs. The other is on Sivutha road and sells tourist souvenirs. Sometimes this one is referred to the Full Moon Night Market.

Between them they have over 250 vendors. Spend a few dollars and everyone will be happy.

National Highway 6 Cambodia Market

It almost goes without saying that this market is on National Highway 6. It is a market aimed at locals. You are going to find everything in the market and the surrounding area. When you are a bit tired you can stop for a drink or a snack at one of the many food stalls. The food is local; and not to everyone’s taste.

Highway 6 has its fair share of indoor markets that sell; well, everything.

You will not see many tourists at this market. Any foreigners are likely to be expats.

Wine Shop Siem Reap

Hardly a market but well worth a mention is Les Celliers d’Asie. Wines from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. They mainly deal with 4- or 5-star hotels. However, it is worth seeking out. Has branches in Phnom Penh and Battambang.

Asia Supermarket Siem Reap

You will find goods from your country here – Probably. Very well stocked with food and alcohol. Awesome prices. You will find German sausages, UK breakfast cereals, American candy and lots of wines and liqueurs at fantastic prices.

They are pretty good at changing large USD bills. Make sure you are not just buying a bottle of water and paying with a $100 bill. They might suddenly run out of smaller bills.

The 2 other markets similar to the Asia Supermarket are Triangle Market and Angkor Market.

There are many more markets in Siem Reap; however, these are the ones that WE use on a regular basis.

Cambodia is always looking for people to help as volunteers in many of their charities.

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