Child Exploitation In Cambodia Warning

Make absolutely no bones about this warning; if anyone on a volunteering mission or any of our Cambodian charities and partners are any way involved in illegal activity we will use every conceivable resource to ensure that they are apprehended. Child exploitation in Cambodia or any other country is totally and wholly unacceptable.

We are entrusted with the safety of the children and adults we are supporting, and this includes ensuring that they are not exploited either sexually or financially. Cambodia must develop measures to protect children from online sexual exploitation, while a “culture of silence” continues to muzzle child abuse victims, according to a new report from global group End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT). This culture of silence is surely being overcome and we fully support the conviction and deportation of criminals from the Kingdom.

Child Exploitation In Cambodia
Child Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated

Do not test us

You will be caught and your life will be ruined. Seek help from an appropriate professional.

Zero Tolerance

Is exactly what it means. No excuses; I was drunk, etc. It won’t matter to us or the authorities – you go to jail in 2 countries and have the mark of Cain on you. Your choice.