Why Volunteering Abroad is Good

Volunteering Abroad is Good for YOU

There are as many reasons for volunteering abroad as there are volunteers or charities abroad that need your valuable input. On this page we are going to have a look at some of the reasons, so that you can decide if trekking off to another country will be good for you. By the by, we think it is worthwhile as do nearly 2,000,000+ people who volunteer in some form globally.

Working with Khmer children

If you have a reason for volunteering abroad for a charity overseas, we would appreciate a quick email so that we can add it to our list.

Learning New Skills

Although you are there to share your knowledge, you will find that it is a two way street. You will be surprised of what you will learn from the locals and your fellow volunteers. You might pick 2 or 3 projects to work with. Maybe one charity is one that you will lead and another is one in which you do the donkey work.

Increase Your Communication Skills

When working abroad you will be dealing in a local language and may of your fellow volunteers will speaking in a foreign language. Learning new communication skills will make you a more confident person in dealing with life’s challenges.

medical skills in cambodia with volunteers and families

Making A Difference

One thing is 100% guaranteed; you will make a difference to someone’s life. The reward will be a smile and you are going to feel very, very good about that. The more you invest the greater the benefit to everyone involved.

Teaching English to Khmer children
Teaching English to Khmer children

Become Healthier

One thing is for sure you will find is that you will eat less processed food and might have to do a bit of exercise. We are not saying you are unfit now; however, if you have to walk a kilometer or 3 for water, you are going to get fitter.

Global Perspective

You might have heard the saying that being a traveler is not the same as being a tourist. Volunteering for a charity abroad takes it to a new level. Your perspective of the global community will be different from those of your peers when you return home.

Career Enhancement

This might sound a bit cynical; but it is just true. On your return to your home country you will find many employers who take a kind view to potential employees who have done something different. You will have more to offer employers through the experiences you will gain working in  a different culture.

Diet Change

This might happen even if it is not a conscious decision on your part. There might not be a fast food joint within 200 kilometers. Inland might not have fish. Coastal areas will probably have most of their protein from fish.

volunteers abroad enjoying cambodian food


Clean Air and No Noise

Many rural areas will rise at sunrise and go to bed at sunset. If you are from a large town or city you cannot imagine how relaxing this is. Your circadian rhythm kicks in and oh how you will feel better for it.  You might not even realise the amount of noise and air pollution you are submerged in; rural life will be an eye opener and your health will be the better for it.

clean air volunteering in cambodia


Yes, you can party. There is nothing quite like the joy of seeing a group of volunteers enjoying and celebrating their achievements. What was a bunch of people on arrival are now a team of like minded friends. From all walks of life, different races, creeds, cultures, languages, countries, beliefs, sexual orientation and abilities. Getting together as one to celebrate life and success. It is completely acceptable to pat yourself on the back!

pub street siem reap aftyer a hard day at volunteering or visiting angkor wat

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