About Us

Non-profit or registered UK Cambodian charity

We are neither a non-profit organisation nor a registered Cambodian charity. What does that make voluntouring abroad, and what does it mean for you? Making a surplus with your help means volunteering abroad can help charities in Cambodia. Generating income through commercial enterprise or charitable donations is important to all of us.
We are a charitable and profitable organisation.

How much of our income is invested in Cambodian projects?

Are you looking for a great charity when volunteering in Cambodia to work with? Then Voluntouring Abroad should be your choice. All of the money we raise from your donations or from using our commercial activity will be invested in Cambodian charities.

What is our “commercial activity”

Most products or services that you will find on our website will pay us a commission. This means that it will never cost you an additional penny or cent to support us. When you reserve a room, invest in a book or purchase anything on this website, we will receive a commission.

Why have I launched Voluntouring Abroad ?

It has been a long and interesting road. From my early days in a bank in Scotland to financial institutions in London, to chemical companies in Singapore and China, to hospitality in Thailand and Cambodia I have realised a few things. I now find extreme satisfaction in helping people keep their traditions whilst making their life a bit easier.
There is a secondary issue that I am passionate about. I have created a platform for you, which means you can find all the information you need about volunteering abroad. A website that you can use without the need of a registration fee or handing over your personal details. Almost without fail every website I have visited will ask you to register and send a small registration fee. I have no problem with people asking for a fee or personal details, I just want them to be more open about why they want this from you.

Why would you donate or volunteer in Cambodia?

Cambodian charities do not seem to be the darling of the volunteer commercial world. Charities in Cambodia are unable to communicate directly to a global audience through internet marketing. Volunteering in Cambodia will give you:

  1. An unimaginable feeling of satisfaction

  2. You will have a purpose

  3. Fulfillment

In addition to the above, please consider donating to our fish farming charity. This means you will be ensuring the health and education of a generation of Cambodians who struggle with the vagaries of the weather – too much or too little rain.

Volunteering in Cambodia, fish farming in Battambang, Cambodia. Cambodian fish farming charity
Tilapia farming in Battambang

More about Campbell

In many not for profit organisations, registered charities and commercial volunteer-abroad companies it is almost impossible to find out who is in charge and what their history is. As the main driving force and the guy in charge of finances I am open to total transparency. Click on my social media pages or blog; they go back a long, long time. My LinkedIn profile and my Facebook page will give you as much information you could possibly want about Campbell.
You will see that I have been deeply involved in the operational and the financial inner workings of finance companies in the UK and the hotel industry in Asia. You can decide if working with us is how you can best donate cash or volunteer in a project abroad.

A final word on volunteering abroad

VOLUNTEER SOMEWHERE and do it today. Make sure that your cash or time is used wisely.

Enjoy yourself and thank you

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